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Paper and Poster Awards

2021 Best Poster Award

Lela Okromelidze, MD, Ayushi Jain, MBBS, William O. Tatum, Vivek Gupta, Sanjeet S. Grewal, MD, Erik H. Middlebrooks, MD – Mayo Clinic
“Lesion-Network Analysis Predicts Outcomes After Laser Ablation of the Mesial Temporal Lob in the Treatment of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy”

2021 Best Paper/Presentation Award

Michael D. Malinzak, MD, PhD – Duke University Medical Center
“Neuroimaging in Congenital Heart Disease”

Prior Award Winners

2019 Best Paper Award

Paul M. Bunch, MD – Wake Forest School of Medicine, NC
Parathyroid 4D CT: Rationale, Practical Approach and What the Surgeon Wants to Know

2019 Best Poster Award
Justin Philip, MD, John Dennison, MD and Richard Beegle, MD – Advent Health Medical Group Radiology in Central Florida
“Brown Syndrome-An Interesting Case”

2019 Best Poster Award
Alex Argis, Yuan Xie and Greg Zaharchuk, MD – Center for Advanced Functional Neuroimaging, Stanford University
“Predicting Stroke Outcome from Meta Information Available at Patient Admission to Help Guide Treatment”